Live in the now, October 25, 2017 Daily Reflection

Anything is Possible with God

Working at Holy Cross for the next 7 weeks before I start at Sacred Heart is a little trying. I have truly appreciated my time at Holy Cross and I am excited about transitioning to Sacred Heart. What I have been learning since I accepted the position at the beginning of September is the importance of living in the now. I can’t start planning retreats and lots of ideas for the new position and still be where I am without cheating my students. I have resolved to give 100% of myself to Holy Cross until I walk out that door for the last time in December. It takes self-control, motivation, and a true centering to stay present. I will take the next 7 weeks to embrace teaching, appreciate service, to enjoy the interactions I have with my students daily and not to frantically plan for the future. There are many things I will not miss when I leave Holy Cross: wearing too many hats, causing exhaustion and the potential for burn out, grading tests, trying to make our liturgies just right, and lesson plans. What I will miss like crazy: lots of aspects but more than anything MY STUDENTS! For now I am going to try to live in the now and stay present, with God’s help I can do anything.

Think back to any transitions you have had in your life. Were you able to live in the now? If you weren’t do you wish you could have? Are you in the middle of a transition now? How are you dealing with it? Can you live in the now?


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