Let them lead sometimes, March 1, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake leading Daddy into the ocean

Jake was leading his daddy to the ocean a place he did not know or understand. A place that was magical beyond all pictures or movies he had ever experienced. He needed his daddy to keep him safe but he led him without fear showing him the vastness of the ocean. Like a good daddy he followed, he listened, he kept him safe and he built him up by following in that moment to explore the ocean through Jake’s eyes.

Sometimes it is good to let our children lead us. As parents we have made an agreement with God to raise our children to the best of our ability, to care for their needs, to teach them how live, to love them and raise them to be responsible adults. As parents we lead the children. We must be the authority not for the sake of control but with the wisdom of the lessons we may impart. However, sometimes we should let our children take our hands and lead us to the simplicity, innocence and pureness of this life and our world. Let them show us the world through their eyes. After all they are not short adults they are children. Not only must we let them live in the freedom of childhood with our protection to keep them safe from harm of any kind we must let them play, discover and explore. Once in awhile they want to show us what they see not what we see. In those moments let them guide us to a different perspective on life, one we have forgotten, one we should be happy to find once more.

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