Let the children look up, September 18, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake is looking up

My children enjoy running, playing, pretending and laughing. Like most children they want to have fun. It seems as parents we are often times trying to make them accomplish tasks before they are able to play. How often have you heard yourself say “After you clean your room, take out the trash, feed your pet or complete your homework, then you can play.”? After all as adults we are not able to “play” until our list of responsibilities have been completed. We must teach our children how to be responsible.

However, sometimes I think we forget how important play time is to a child. We as parents get caught up in our To Do List and forget we need breaks too. Our children need time to relax, unwind and use their creativity. I am not sure that sitting in a desk 6 hours a day and learning is the best outlet for our children’s creativity. Although there is no doubt in my mind my children need school and a great education to become independent well adjusted adults.  Sometimes they are blessed with teachers who encourage them to think outside the box or one that takes them outside to explore nature. Often times the teachers and parents teach the children to look down at their work or straight ahead at the future. Rarely do they reward them for letting their mind wander. They must concentrate and learn.

Success is found in balance. Our children must be educated but they should always be given the time to play, daydream, relax and pretend. Creativity breeds inventions. As parents we need never forget that childhood is but a brief 13 years and work will soon begin. Let’s let our children look up, play and be children while they still have the time.

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