Let it be, November 26, 2012 Daily Reflection

An angel

The angel came to her and a peace like the breath of heaven fell upon her and she was moved. Let it be done to me. She could have said “no, I don’t understand. Take this from me.”” But she did not.

She listened, believed and accepted.

How do we respond when the Lord comes to us in our daily lives and asks us if we will do His will? Do we doubt that it is God? Do we listen or just turn up our music, TV or life? Do we reject God daily? Like Mary, God has granted us the free will to say no and walk away. But Mary chose to listen, believe, and accept and to say yes.

God is calling you it’s not a coincidence its God. Will you listen? Will you believe? Will you accept? The choice is yours alone. The question is will you let it be?

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