Learning should be fun, October 8, 2015 Daily Reflection

Tie - dying shirts together

Tie – dying shirts together

Anna and her brothers tie-dyed their shirts together over the weekend. Anna taught the boys how it worked. She modeled the process for them first and then gave them the opportunity to do it. They listened well, and were able to follow her directions.
Anna is very good at teaching the boys, partially because they are so good at listening. We often forget that learning is a two sided process. One needs to be motivated and interested. The other has to be willing to share their knowledge.
Have you ever noticed when you want to teach and your children have no interest in learning how you have to teach that skill over and over again? The best situation is when everyone is on board. So, how do we get both sides to that position?

Make it fun, and enjoyable and they will want a part of it. It’s like Mary Poppins says, “It takes an element of fun and then the job is done!” Anna makes it fun.

What do you need to make fun for your children, students, or employees to learn today?

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