Last Mindfulness Class, November 29, 2016 Daily Reflection

Mindfulness Materials from Class

Mindfulness Materials from Class

Last night I took my last two mindfulness classes. It was interesting how the subject matter comes full circle. It’s all about knowing self. We begin to realize we are self when we realize we are not an extension of our caretaker. Then we begin to discover our own mind. We draw lines that define who we are and begin to have a persona and an ego that we protect against the outside realities of our mind. The more we protect self the less united we are with everything and everyone outside of self.

Father Joe Mitchell talked of God’s perfect dream for humanity. The Garden of Eden was an allegory of God’s dream for unity. There was the unity of humanity and creation, humanity with each other, unity with self, and with God. It was destroyed by sin. Sin is anything that destroys the unity with us and God’s creation; self, each other, creation, and God. When we have lost this connection we yearn to reunite. We are all seeking love and security. God is love and security. We look at our lives and wonder why we feel disconnected? The majority of the time we spend is not in an attempt to connect to self, others, creation, or God. The majority of the time we spend is working to purchase things to fill the void. We have become lost in what will fill our hearts and minds. Only the love of the creator and creations will do this.

Mindfulness is the art of becoming aware of the world, body, mind, and self. It is the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. To do this takes time, patience, self-control, determination, and making it a priority in life. However, we tend to choose what seems the easiest numb the pain, fill the void with things, turn the noise up louder, work harder, and stop searching inward and upward. The truth shall set you free. The truth is God. The truth is what St. Augustine said, “God you have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Are you ready to seek the truth? You will find it through the journey of mindfulness.


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