Labyrinth, February 26, 2016 Daily Moment



We bought this labyrinth for Jake’s birthday. It is a great challenge to get the marble to the end of the maze without it falling into the holes. None of us has won the game yet.

How often do we feel like we are blindly rolling through the maze of life? On bad days we feel like the marble dropping in the pitfalls. On the good days we get half way across the board. Each day we should get up in the morning and get ready to roll. It’s about the speed, determination, and the challenge. Of course we are more than marbles. We are human beings. We have not been dropped into a game. God created us and placed us in the world, not to avoid the pitfalls of life but to learn from the pitfalls and help others with their pitfalls. We are here for a purpose, to love, serve, and know God and others through this life.

Today, when your marble hits the wood realize you have the ability to make this life more than a game. Make this life better by lifting up others and doing God’s work.


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