Just Laugh, May 22 Saturday Tidbit

Spencer & Jake making silly faces

“Ok go ahead and make a silly face. Hold that silliness, ok I took the picture guys.” I told my little boys. 

“Let me see it mommy” they asked so excited to see their crazy expressions.

Laughter, just pure uncontrolled laughter, not fake, not forced just laughter, that’s what I heard after I showed them the picture.

We should fill our lives with more laughter. There is enough gloom and doom in this world to bring us all down but God wants us to enjoy this life and its simple pleasures. One of my favorite sounds is my children’s laughter; it is sweet, pure and fills my heart with joy! 

Today take some time to be silly with your children. Look in the mirror together and make silly faces. Play Hide and Seek or tag, chase each other around the house and just laugh for awhile. The anxiety and stress you will release will be unbelievable. Try it today with your children just laugh!

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