Just Fake it! March 8, 2013 Daily Reflection


a doctor’s office

I recently visited a doctor’s office. The nurse took me back “Lori, come on back” she said with absolutely no inflection, no good morning, how are you or greeting of any type at all. She was not disgruntled or hostile just bored with life or maybe her job. There was no warm feeling, just a sterile room and lots of questions; personal medical questions. How do you share such information when you are not at all at ease in the situation at hand? I compensated by making small jokes here and there to induce a slight smile or quiet laugh from her to put myself at ease.

I totally understand that we all have bad days. But as a patient talking to nurses “Fake it! Be nice, smile, give greetings, and pretend like that patient matters even if you are only with them for 6 minutes. Your attitude will affect their entire experience at your office.”

Attitude is everything, contagious and debilitating at times. Fake it and be nice! Really!

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