What happened to Saturdays? July 11, Daily Reflection

It’s Saturday morning!  Remember when you were a kid what Saturday mornings were like?  I would either get up very early to watch cartoons; Shirt Tails, Smurfs etc. or if I slept in I could still catch the Looney Tunes.  Whatever happen to the Looney Tunes and I don’t mean the baby ones but the originals?  Anyway Saturday mornings are totally different when you become a mom.  If you have a little one you are lucky to get a few straight hours of sleep and forget sleeping in, most younger children I know wake up by 8:00 am at the latest!  Saturday is a day to catch up on all that was neglected through the week.  I made my list last night before I went to bed so I would not make the list while I was falling asleep, which happens as soon as my worn out head hits that pillow!  I have to leave to go get pictures taken of the kids today which in itself can be quite overwhelming.  Luckily I was a part-time photographer for JCPenny’s for 6 years and I know the photographer, she still lets me pose my kids and we do the session together.  Then I have to take the kids to my Dad’s house because I have to work the concession stand at the ball field because 3 of my 4 children are involved in summer sports.  My husband is at a golf scramble and will take my place later.  Then I get to pick up the kids and relax?  No of course there  is no relaxing then we have to clean house, I have to pay bills etc… 

In this day and age we live by lists.  So many things just have to get done.  So many expectations to meet.  I believe we have too many things to do and we don’t designate a time to be with eachother were just too busy.  Recently I have let my kids help me clean the house which was difficult for me because I knew the chores would not be done the way I would do them.  But it gave them a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that they could do it.  So now we clean house together, I know it’s not loads of fun but at least it’s together. 

This morning I also read a daily scripture reading Psalm 105: 4 Rely on the Lord, constantly seek his face.  So today as I go out into the world for pictures and to serve others I will try to see God in other’s faces.   This morning as I had breakfast with my children I saw God in each of their faces.  May you take a second today to really look at your child and see God in his/her face and in those you encounter on your (restful) Saturday.


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