Jake and the diving board, July 3, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake on the diving board

“Mommy, I really, really, really want to go off the diving board but I am scared.” Jake said to me at the pool. “You can totally do it Jake. You are a great swimmer. Just try it.” I encouraged him.
He walked slowly across the hot concrete approaching the diving board like a dragon who might soon have to battle. He turned back and looked at me for support. I shook my head and said “You got this Jake!” He climbed up the diving board cautiously. He started to turn back thinking twice about this adventure he was now almost committed to. Then like a burst of confidence he walked that plank with self assurance. He stood at the edge hesitated only for a moment, long enough to look down. He clasped his nose with one hand and jumped. He swam to the surface opened his eyes and everyone could see the smile of satisfaction. He swam to the side of the pool climbed out and asked “Mommy, can I do it again?”

My little Jake did it. He conquered his fear, he pushed through the doubt, and he did not let his apprehension take control of his destiny.

Almost daily we feel like Jake did about that diving board. We long to try something new to try something daring. We want to meet new people, have exciting experiences and just step out of our comfort zone. So many times we look down that long and bouncy diving board and choose to step back down to the safety and comfort of the concrete where we know what lays beneath our feet. Sometimes we make it all the way down the board but in that moment that we hesitate we see the depths below and run back to the shallow waters.

Right now what is your diving board? Is it talking to your boss about a raise or a promotion? Is it starting over in a new career? Is it trying to become friends with that new person at your exercise class or neighbor just down the street? Is it buying that DVD to learn how to speak a new language? Is it signing up for a committee or service project at church? Or is it to wear a bathing suit in public?

Jake is 7 and he conquered a real fear. It took encouragement, motivation and confidence. He told me “I saw so many other people do it. I just wanted to have that kind of fun. I just forced myself to do it Mom. Can I do it again?”

Walk, jump, dive‚Ķsimply try….

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