It’s Over! December 26 Saturday Tidbit

The aftermath of Christmas Morning

The aftermath of Christmas Morning

It’s over; all the beautiful wrapping paper torn to pieces, the gifts sprawled out throughout the house, the children engaged in their new toys and there we sit thinking its over.  It ended too quickly this morning, what was planned for weeks only took 15 minutes from the running down the steps to the opening of the gifts and now we sit relieved that all are happy but empty because it is over!

It’s only over if you believe that Christmas is only about the way we celebrate it in our culture through the giving of the material gifts we purchase. It is not actually over it has merely just begun.  God has just given us the most precious gift of Jesus Christ!  God has given us the opportunity to let Him enter our lives once more.  God has given us an invitation to celebrate the gift of Christ with one another not just on one day but everyday of our lives.  We must not isolate our giving, our joy, and our outpouring generosity to one day a year..but we should give, love, be generous and share our joy with others everyday of our lives.  For we know that the greatest gift ever given to another was given by God when he allowed himself to take on the human form of Jesus Christ.

So do not just sit there empty and sad that it is over but rejoice that it has just begun and will never end!

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