It’s My Birthday, December 1 Daily Reflection



December 1, it’s my birthday. It’s funny how your birth date seems like a day you own from the time you are a child until you are grown. It is your day, your date, and your special time to celebrate your life. I was asked recently “What did you picture your future would look like in the year 2010 when you were a child?”

My response was “I wanted to be a mom from the time I was 4 years old and a writer from age 8. Now I am married to my soul mate with 4 beautiful children and I am a writer. I am exactly where I wanted to be!”

 But I must tell you all that if it were not for the grace of God I would have nothing, my words would fall flat, my husband would not exist and my children would still be only a dream to me. God has given me every blessing I have ever received in my life time. If I did not follow where He leads I do not believe I would be a writer at all. He inspires my thoughts and words. God inspires my love and relationships. If I did not have God I would not have my life.

So today although I want it to be about me and my birthday truly it should be a celebration of my life and all the blessings God has so graciously bestowed upon my life, another Thanksgiving Day!

Dear God, It’s Me Lori,

Thank you  

for all that You have graced me with


please continue to guide


 inspire my words,

 my actions


 my life in Your direction,

in Your time


with Your Will alone.



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