It’s all about the love, September 14, 2015 Daily Reflection

unconditional loveOur world is filled with problems, sorrow, suffering, and cruelty. Most of us believe we cannot make a difference. After all, I am just one person, hopeless and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. How can I make a difference with poverty, suffering, and pain in this huge world of ours?

Let me tell you how one person can make a difference. Love, compassionately, completely, and unconditionally. Love yourself, love God, love your neighbor, and love creation. Stop putting limitations on your love. Stop restricting your encounters with others. Instead say, hi to the man on the street, smile at the stranger, and pray for those who hate you. Open your life up to love.

If each person on this earth decided to love instead of hate, to do the will of the other instead of serving self, our world would no longer be in such dismay. No one would hurt another, because there would no longer be self-gain. Everyone would have enough to eat because no one would hoard the food, whether they were the richest person in the world or the most destitute. It all begins with love.

We must change our thoughts from self to other. When our thoughts change our actions will follow. When our actions change they will become new behaviors. Our behaviors and habits will be filled with kindness and goodness for strangers and love for others.

I know you are thinking to yourself that would be great if everyone did this but that would never happen. So, what’s the point of me changing my life if it really won’t make a noticeable difference? It takes one person at a time to make a difference. Your change will change the people you come in contact with daily. Your actions will touch your family, friends, and coworkers. You could be the catalyst to change the world. It only takes one person to start this change, and God to help support you in the journey. Will you take the chance and start today? It’s all about the love…

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