It was an awesome summer, August 10, 2015 Daily Reflection

Me and Aaron on our date night

Me and Aaron on our date night

My summer came to a close last night on a date with my husband. We had a great walk across the Big Four Bridge, had dinner, and a peanut butter, banana, vanilla shake. It was relaxing and wonderful. Most years I think summer flies by but this year I just soaked up every moment. We visited Kentucky Kingdom 21 times, went bike riding, to the Falls of the Ohio, the Museums, stayed up too late and watched movies. The kids all had sleep overs. Ethan and Anna went to the lake with their cousins and tubed for the first time! We went blueberry picking, and ate way too much ice cream! I finished another Master’s course, 2 papers, and submitted a book proposal to two different editors.

I will not say that I am ready to go back to work because I love being with my children more than anything. However, they have to go back to school too. So, I will go refreshed, renewed, and with great new memories to share with my students. Everyone should have time off to spend with their families having fun and just re energizing their spirits and bodies. I am thanking God for calling me to teach and have this amazing opportunity to be refreshed and with my family.

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