Is it raining in your life? May 8, 2013 Daily Reflection

My sweet Anna with an umbrella

Is it raining in your life?

When the gray clouds shift over my house the light seems to fade and the darkness tries to take hold. Our moods change, we are quicker to anger and just plain grouchy. The rain dampens more than the soil but our attitudes as well. But we hold on to the knowledge that the rain will not… cannot last forever. At some point in life the sun will shine again and the light will overcome the darkness. We will be able to run in the yard sit on the patio and soak up the warmth of the sunbeams falling down on us. Our moods will lighten and our attitudes will relax, smiles will be prevalent and laughter will be heard once more.

If you feel the gloom of the overcast sky and the heaviness of the rain fear not dear friend it is only temporary. The skies will shift once more and you will smile and laugh again. It will happen.  Just be open to the changes in life. Adapt to the differences, rise to the challenges and embrace the sunlight and make use of the gloom. Know this too shall pass for life never stops moving and this is no different.

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