The Invitation and our response

Karl RahnerIn my course work for my Master’s Degree we are studying a modern day Theologian, Karl Rahner. His work is so intriguing and riveting to my soul. He talks about how knowing God starts not from some far off place as a higher being but from our human experience. That basic self awareness and questioning of why we are here and how did we get here. That feeling of awe and wonder and a deep seeded desire longing to fill our emptiness with something. He writes of how we cannot objectify God and call him an object, a thing, or even a being. God is uncomprehendible to our minds but God is responsible for our existence, our need to love and God is the only fulfillment to our desires. It’s like St. Augustine says, “My soul is restless until it rests in you God.”

Rahner also writes about how God is constantly offering us an invitation to know him. God wants us to respond but will never force himself upon us. Which begs the question how do we witness God’s invitation to relationship with him in our own lives? Do we notice the invitation? Just as important, how do we respond to this invitation?

In our constant motion of our every day lives do we ever notice the invitation by God? Do we notice the sunrise, or is it just glaring in our eyes and distracting our drive to work in the morning? Do we speed walk to our desk so we don’t have to talk to our coworkers about their lives? Do we ever find a quiet place to pray during our lunch time? Do we say, “I love you” to our spouses, children, parents, or friends when we see them? Do we smile back when a stranger smiles at us or do we just wonder what they are up to? Do we take the time in the evenings to spend a quiet moment to reflect on our days and the ways that God might have invited us to love that day? Do we snuggle our children and hug our spouses every night before bed?

How does God invite us to love daily? How do we respond? How will you respond today?

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