Integration of self, November 15, 2017 Daily Reflection

Integration of self, November 15, 2017 Daily Reflection 1

Reflection of Self

I have been teaching my students through the practice of meditation that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions do not define us as a person. I am trying to teach them the art of detaching feelings and thoughts from identity and to become self-aware. It is important to do this so that our feelings do not take over.
The integration of self comes from every part of who we are; soul, mind, and body, all as one, not divided. Every part of self should be recognized for its goodness and purpose. All parts regardless of how small come together to make us whole. The more self-aware we become the better integrated we become and then we can embrace and accept the authentic self. It takes time, patience, and practice. It is a journey of a lifetime. Just as we continue to change, and evolve so to will our true self. Mindfulness is a good place to start and lay the foundation for the work of a lifetime.

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