Injustice Prayer, August 24, 2015 Daily Reflection

prayerI have assigned a new creative prayer for my seniors taking my Catholic Social Teachings class this year. They have to 1) teach the class about an injustice, 2) engage the class, 3) Directly talk to God, 4) call to action. The student may use power point, music, lighting, art, movement or singing. Basically they need to learn more about the injustice they will be helping with during this year of service. They need to teach their peers about it, do an activity that reinforces what they teach, pray, and call the other students to activily try to stop the injustice.

Today is the first day of their presentations. I can’t wait to experience their creations and learn from their research. Hopefully there will some that are good enough that I can post them on my blog.

Please think of an injustice that you have a passion to make right in your own life. Today do a little research on it, read a few articles, then try to teach a few friends about it. Pray about the injustice and challenge yourself to action. We are never too old or too young to try to help make this world a just place. If you want to share your call to action with us please leave a comment.

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