Incomplete, April 19, 2017 Daily Reflection

My Boys are more than brothers they are best friends

Yesterday morning I put my Spencer, my middle son, on a bus to Chicago for his 8th grade trip with his class. Now, my family is incomplete. If you know me then you know I adore my family. We are a unit. Now, we are incomplete and nothing is normal. I think my youngest son misses him almost as much as I do. Jake and Spencer are best friends. They hang out together, read together, play video games, they just really like being brothers and best friends. Spencer has never been away from home for more than a few nights so this is really hard for us to adapt to this temporary change.

I feel certain he is having a great time with his school friends. Selfishly, we just want him back here. I know, you are thinking how is she ever going to let those kids grow up. Actually I am doing fine with that as they get older. I am already preparing myself for when they graduate from college and move out of the house. But Spencer is only 14 and we still have time together! It’s good to appreciate your kids so much that you miss them when they are gone.

Please say a prayer that Spencer and his class have a save trip. Thanks!


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