Incarnation, September 5, 2013 Daily Reflection

Baby Jesus

I taught both of my classes about the Incarnation – God becoming flesh and coming into the world, last week. I asked them why the Incarnation was needed in our world. Why did God believe He should take a human form, Jesus, and come to this earth?

Their answers were that the religious leaders of the time were hypocrites preaching the laws but not living the truth. They would preach but rarely show love to others. My students said that the people needed a human to set the example.  Humans need a human to be able to relate with as God rather than this distant vague image of God. The people of that time needed someone to show them forgiveness and healing. Jesus Christ opened the gates of heaven for each of us to become closer to God.

The Incarnation was not just needed for those people 2,000 years ago. We need to believe and understand the incarnation just as much because our lives are filled with hypocrisy in every aspect. We need that human example of Jesus Christ to teach us the truth. We may not be able to see Jesus but we can study about His life. If we are open we will let the wisdom of the Holy Spirit guide us in all that we do on this earth so that one day we may be with Jesus in heaven.

The Incarnation changed the world and it has not stopped yet.

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