Seek the Quiet, January 28, 2016 Daily Reflection

another sunsetOur lives are filled with noise, chatter, words, sounds and distractions. Rarely are we able to discover the silence, the quiet, the times of peace, and serenity. We feel that every silence should be filled with sound. Every empty space crammed with things. Each open thought occupied by plans. It begs the questions; why do we live in the noise? Why do we invite, create, and embrace the noise? Are we trying to fill what we perceive to be a void? That “void” is not an empty space that must be crowded but a space that we can reflect, relax, and renew our spirit within.

It is only in the quiet that we can listen to God. It is only in that empty space that we can discover our souls. It is imperative to our beings that we find the quiet. The quiet is what we need to invite, create, and embrace. Find a place, a time, a moment in your life to explore the quiet and just let it be. It will take practice to be able to accept the quiet but be patient it is worth the work, and the wait.

In the quiet we will find what will calm our soul and propel our spirit in our life’s journey. Seek the quiet.

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