Imperfections, January 8, 2013 Daily Reflection

Daddy and Son checking out the wood

In our ongoing project to complete the “piano room” we found our family at Lowe’s looking for wood to build the bookshelves. Jake and Aaron were looking for imperfections in the wood. They looked for cracks, chips and warped wood that would be difficult to work with on this project. Those with imperfections were put back on the shelf. Those that looked good we put in our cart.

We are constantly looking at the imperfections in ourselves. We need to lose weight, we need to eat healthier and get more sleep. We need to be nicer and do more volunteer work. We need to….you fill in the blank.
Self evaluation is a very important part of maturing as an adult. However, there is a fine line between self evaluation and self degrading. It is healthy to be objective and face those things we need to change and then do the work to change them. It is not healthy to pick at our imperfections and instead of making changes reject who we are as a person.

At this time of the year when we evaluate where we are and who we are at this point in our lives we need to still love who we are even with our imperfections. None of us are perfect and we never will be perfect.  God is the only one who will ever be perfect and He is the one who made us. We will fail and we will make mistakes and stupid choices. But as humans we have the ability to try to be better, to get up from the failure, dust the dirt off and go in a different direction. We will always have imperfections that we should seriously work on but we should still love who we are as a child of God.

Today, think of one of your imperfections and a realistic way of making it better. Commit to that change and work on it. Now think of one of your attributes that make you happy. Encourage yourself by realizing even though we are not perfect and have lots of work to do in one area that in other areas we are good and already do some other things very well in our lives.


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