Ideas of Heaven, March 10 Daily Reflection

Where do the steps lead?

When you picture the way to heaven what comes to mind? Do you picture clouds and the blue sky with the dazzling light of God? Do you picture the steps above ending in the heavens?

We all have different ideas of heaven from our parent’s views, from our church or religion and from our studies. Does anyone really know with all certainty? Are we all just guessing and imagining? We have all been raised with different ideas of God and some of us have had absolutely no exposure to God from others. The opinions and ideas are as varied as the colors of the earth. So what do you think of when you think of heaven?

My belief is that heaven is not a physical place that is to be reached, that someone will find on a map or a cloud. I believe that heaven is a state of existence for our souls. I believe that when I die my body will remain and my spirit somehow will reach God whether that is up, down or right there in the room I have no ideas about. I believe that my spirit will be embraced by God if God so chooses to accept me then I will merge into one with God and we shall never be separated by the things, people or ideas of this earthly existence again. I believe that my soul, my spirit will rest within God. I will not need to ask questions, I will have no voice, I will not need to obtain knowledge, for within God I will have full disclosure of knowledge, I will not need to hug loved ones that have died before me, for the love of God will fill every need I have ever had on this earthly journey. I will merge and become one with God. God has created me for a purpose to fulfill on this earth in this human existence and when it has been completed He will call me back to be one with Him.

That’s my idea of heaven. So what is your idea of heaven?

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