I miss him, July 30, 2015 Daily Reflection

My littlest guy leaving for camp

My littlest guy leaving for camp

I miss my boy. My youngest one went to a sleep over camp for 4 nights and five days. I can’t stand being without him. My life is out of balance. My family is incomplete.

I seriously have no idea how I am going to handle the “empty nest” thing. I asked my oldest the other day if, when he moves out as an adult, he could just text me each night to let me know he is ok. He said, “I’ll think about it.” I can’t sleep right without knowing they are all tucked in their beds safe and sound. I know my little guy is probably having the best time ever, but I miss him like crazy.

I would love to hear some feed back from the parents who have experienced “empty nest”. How do you do it? How does it work? Don’t you miss them like crazy?

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