How Often, April 24, 2013 Daily Reflection

How Often, April 24, 2013 Daily Reflection 1
Honey Suckle Buds

I can almost smell its sweet fragrance. I can almost taste its sweet nectar. I can almost picture the flower in full blossom…almost.

We do this all the time or at least I do. We picture what it would be like to be … relaxed, comfortable, and to taste the pleasures of this life. We imagine how different our lives would be if… we won the lottery…if we earned enough money to buy a summer house…if we retired and had time to relax…if we had more time in our lives. We can picture sometimes our desires and wishes come true. Then we open our eyes and we see only the buds on the branches but no full blooms.

To be content is to be satisfied and grateful where we are in this life, to not long for more but to be happy in the here and now. How often we live ahead or behind the present. How often we wish away the present for a future dream.

Today, enjoy the buds of the honeysuckle. Do not wish for the bloom instead enjoy each and every stage. Today, enjoy today whatever stage you may be a part of right now. The past is gone and the future will unfold soon enough. Live today in today.

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  1. So true, so true….and when we are not looking ahead, we are perplexed as to how quickly the present fades into the past and asking where the time has gone. It is easy to see now why time flies. We spend too much of the present elsewhere in our minds and in a fleeting moment, it is gone. The present is truly a gift.

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