Higher Level Thinking, June 15, 2017 Daily Reflection

Yesterday, I took a professional development class on Higher Order Thinking and Questioning Strategies. I learned so much! One apect that made quite an impression on me is reflective time for our students. Our students need time to process what they have heard before we throw them straight into an activity.
Our presenter was excellent. When she was finished with a concept she said work together, gave us instructions and said, GO! I sat there stunned for a moment and thought this must be what is like for our students. It takes more than a moment to understand what to do. I know it is important for our students to move swiftly but everyone should have a moment to process through sharing it with a partner, writing it down or rereading the info before thrown into an activity.

Not enough people slow down process, and then reflect on what they are learning or have recently experienced. We need to become a more reflective culture. If this happened our culture would surely change for the better. I reflect daily on this blog and in my daily journal. How do you process? Do you reflect on your day? Try it tonight! It makes a huge difference.

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