Here I Am, February 7 Sunday Tidbit

Here I Am Lord - Send Me

Hesitant, insecure, wanting to follow; ┬áis that of the human condition. Humanity quivers, unsure of its place in this world. Until one finds their way, their purpose and their calling. When one becomes convicted in the belief of God’s grace insecurity melts away. God’s gift grants self assurance, comfort, tenderness and unconditional love. When God is with you who can be against you?

Listen, stand still, and open your mind to God’s call to YOU! Here I am Lord- Send Me, so that I might go into this world with unwavering confidence in your support and my path towards you. Let me no longer hesitate but with joy walk forward in your love. Head held high meeting the eyes of others so they might witness you within me. Here I am Lord – Send Me.

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