Help Someone, June 6, 2017 Daily Reflection

Visit an elder

Would you like to feel good about yourself? Would you like to be in a better mood? Would you like to bring positive energy to a sad and torn world?

Then help someone. It can be with a small task: open a door, get an item off a top shelf for someone who cannot reach it, pay for someone’s coffee at a coffee shop. It can be a big task, there are non-profit organizations all over town, all of them are in need of volunteers. You can volunteer your time with office work, computer and tech aid, or many times hands on with their clientele. There are nursing homes with elderly who seldom have visitors, adult day centers for those with mental and physical disabilities, Boys and Girls Clubs who are begging for good mentors to tutor and just be a role model for the youth of our community. There are so many opportunities available. It doesn’t take a huge commitment an hour or two a week or once a month. Donations are great and every non-profit needs them but most of them would rather have a person to help. Helping in person also breaks down barriers, work with refugees, homeless, and those in poverty and you will realize “they” are us.

Consider, helping someone else today! Jesus Christ didn’t just preach, he healed, comforted, held, listened, and loved the outcast, marginalized and disadvantaged. Being a Christian means following Jesus Christ and his ways. If you do it today, you will reap the rewards of compassion and love.

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