Heaven, Sunday October 25 Tidbit

Anna's drawing of heaven

Anna's drawing of heaven

I have always taught my children that Heaven is a place with no corners (punishment in our house is time in the corner), no pain, and no sadness.  Heaven is that feeling of being embraced in your moms arms when you feel homesick and just missed her so bad and then she holds you and you don’t want that feeling to end, heaven is that feeling never ending.


My children have told me they want to ask God questions when they see Him face to face.  One question two of my children want to ask is “How have you always been, were you created?”  I tell them my belief is that when you see God you will no longer have any questions; the peace and love you feel will enfold you into God and you will become one with God; difficult for a child to understand as well as an adult.


I have also told them you need nothing in heaven.  The translation by Anna is on the picture “Your only need is God”.  Heaven the destination we all want in the end.


What do you picture heaven to look like?  How do you think you will feel when you meet your maker face to face?  Here on earth we have physical needs that must be met or we die.  What do you think you will need in heaven?


Today on this Sunday reflect on Heaven and what it means to you.  Is it your destination?  Is it a place of eternal peace merging into God?  Is it an existence of complete bliss and happiness?  What does heaven look like to you?

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