Happy New Year, January 1, 2017 Sunday Tidbit

New Year Prayer

New Year Prayer

Happy New Year!

On this blessed day of the New year;

May you thank God for giving you another year on this planet.

May you thank God for every amazing blessing he bestowed upon you in 2016.

May you thank God for the energy, motivation, and ability to overcome the trials, and grow from the experiences of 2016.

May you ask God to continue to bless you with a close relationship with Him in all that you do in 2017.

May you ask God for peace and solidarity in all the torn countries in our world.

May you ask God to enter your open heart to move you to a deeper faith life, an ability to grow as a person, and the light to see the purpose of your life in this new year ahead.

May God bless and keep you close to his side all the days of your life until one day you rest in God for all eternity.

Happy New Year!

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