Happy Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012 Sunday Tidbit

Mother Goose

There she sits is she relaxing, sun bathing or taking a nap? No, upon looking more closely I found that she was sitting upon her nest. That Mother Goose was taking care of her future babies. We moms are like that goose. We take care of our young no matter how silly we may look, no matter what others think of us and at the expense of our own humiliation.

We moms love like no one has ever loved another. We protect, teach, nourish, provide, instruct, discipline, care for and love like our very own life depends upon it. We give without thought. We love with our entire heart and soul. We moms would lay down our lives for our children without ever counting the cost. I want to thank my mom for doing that for me so that I would know how to do it for my own children.

Make sure to thank your mom for being like that mother goose to you in your life. Happy Mother’s Day!

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