Happy Birthday to my favorite girl, May 14, 2015 Daily Reflection

Anna's hugging on her little brother

Anna’ with her broken ankle hugging on her little brother

Happy Birthday to my favorite girl in the world! Fourteen short years ago I was beyond blessed with my daughter. I told my husband I was willing to have ten children just to have one daughter. Anna was my second and I can’t tell you how happy he was that the pressure was off!

I love and adore each of my children. I have three boys and one girl. They are completely different from each other. I have a special bond with each one of them. The bond I have with my daughter is different. It’s just me and her in a house with 4 guys. We love it that way! Guys are fun. I am blessed to be getting the best of both worlds raising carefree boys, with a daughter who is also laid back, carefree and fun.

I thank God that I have my Anna, we are very close and I pray we always will be. The boys to a certain extent will be taken away from me by their wives, who will cling to their own parents. But Anna, I am claiming dibs on her forever! As a daughter I still cling to my parents and I pray Anna will do the same. For right now I am treasuring every moment of being her mom!

Happy Birthday Anna you are a precious gift from God to my life.

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