Happy Birthday Ethan, March 27 Sunday Tidbit

Ethan getting ready to ski

I remember stating a fact to my parents, first time grandparents “I will never let Ethan fall or get hurt, NEVER!” I truly believed that statement at the time. Of course I was a brand new mom and he was only 2 months old. To say I was overprotective was a gross understatement. All my life I wanted to be a mom and I finally became one and the love I felt for this new baby was a billion times more intense than I could have ever imagined. The days last forever and the years truly fly by. Now he is turning 12. Where did the years go? Well, I had three other children so they went very quickly. But when I look into his eyes, when I see that sweet smile, when I hear his voice, he is still my baby boy. He is my son and with Him I am well pleased! What parent could ask for more. He makes me proud. He fills my heart. He is kind and loving and precious to me. Yes, he has fallen and he has been hurt. But I am always here to catch him when he needs me.

Happy Birthday Ethan! I thank God that He blessed me with you!!

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