The Hand of Freedom, February 18, 2014 Daily Reflection

Hands of freedom

Hands of freedom

I have never published anyone else’s work on my site before. However, I am making an exception for this essay that my student, who is a Junior, wrote about freedom. We have been discussing the meaning of true freedom in my theology class. I thought that he illustrated the idea so well that I just had to share it with all of you. Take a moment and see what you think.

               “Freedom, the illusion that has inspired the generations, has been essential for the lives we currently live. This false sense of bondless freedom has resulted in the rise and fall of many great nations. This idealism is the reason for rebellion and the sense of human rights. The limitation of freedom has been the goal of many and rightfully so. Humans will abuse and misuse the right of true unbridled freedom. With only a weak moral compass to hold them back, humans do not have the needed mental maturity to keep things from descending into chaos. Thus, we as a people need leadership to guide us.

                Though we as a people need leadership, the types of leaders and the ideals of those leaders have a great impact on the freedoms we do have. If the leader of a group of humans has the ideas of limited freedom then it is possible that freedom of the ones he rules could be stripped. Some people, though, in leadership positions, open freedoms and allow people to fully enjoy their freedom without the negative impacts of having no goals.

Some people believe that goals and freedoms within those goals should be used for a higher purpose. It’s a common practice to use freedom to spread God’s word. The Kingdom of God needs people who are willing to use their freedom for the benefit of his kingdom. Those who use their freedom for God’s Kingdom have many options. People who preach and help those less fortunate are spreading the word and doing His work all at once. So freedom is something that, when guided, can be used for good and evil.”

by John Skinner

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