Who do you follow? July 15, 2016 Daily Reflection

Smokies 22 TrailIn our lives we allow people, ideas, and often things to guide us. Our lives are reflections of who or what guides us. If money guides you then your mind is filled with materialism and your life is filled with things. If you allow fame to guide you then everything you do revolves around ways to bring attention towards yourself at all cost (much like reality stars). If you follow celebrities who only seek fame and materialism then your goals are based in things of this world.

However, if you choose to follow a simple life and live humbly your house, bank account, and car maybe smaller, but your life will be fuller and much more content. If you choose to be kind to your family and friends and do what you can for others, you will not find fame, but love from many. If you choose to follow God, love, and kindness your goals will be based on the goodness of the next world.

Who or what do you follow? Who or what do you want to guide your life?

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