Good Character, November 21, 2017 Daily Reflection

My children

What do we hold most important in our lives? Do we worry most about money, fame, or things? Do we concern ourselves with values, morality, and spirituality? What we spend our time on shapes our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. If we want to be people of integrity, values, and overall good character then we need to practice those skills.

Yesterday, a student said to me that he believed the nursing home in which he was serving was a wholesome place. He said the people were friendly and kind. He said most people he is surrounded by in normal life are sarcastic and cynical. I asked if I came across that way to him. He said no, I was relieved. When my children are sarcastic I stop them. Sarcasm is accepted and encouraged in our culture. However, in my household I squash it every chance I get. Sarcasm is rude, biting, and cruel. I want my children to use words of kindness, concern, and love for others. I want my children to value people not rude remarks, cherish integrity not impulsive wit and to become a better people daily.

Good character can be achieved and constantly expanded when we value goodness, kindness, empathy, compassion, and love. Today, stop yourself when you want to make a rude remark, reflect on the purpose of why you would make it. Would that remark bring joy or hurt to the world? Then decide what type of words you want to put into the world. Do you want to be a person of good character? Start doing the hard work and your character will grow.

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