God’s Blessings, November 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

My winter coat pocket

This morning was the first time I had to pull out the winter coats to walk my children up to school. On the way I placed my cold hands in my warm pockets. I felt something and thought it must be an old grocery list; I seem to have those everywhere. When I pulled it out to look it was cash. I had $25 in my hand! I showed it to my kids and told them “God must have known Anna and Ethan needed lunch money today.” After I dropped my kids off at school I walked to the lunchroom and gave a lunch lady the money for their lunch accounts. I told the lunch ladies “I guess God wants my kids to eat school lunches today.”

On the way home I thought about how many times God has done this same thing in my life. It seems God is constantly blessing me with what I need. No, money doesn’t fall out of the sky into my hands daily. But when I really need something, comfort, kindness, a job, or help I always seem to find those blessings from God. Sometimes it takes awhile to discover when the blessings really occurred. But other times like today they are obvious. So today like many other days I said “Thank you God! Thank You!”

Take a moment to think about a time when you truly needed something and somehow you received it, not necessarily a monetary thing. Then say “Thank you God! Thank You!” God will take care of you.

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