God’s Always Listening, June 20, 2016 Daily Reflection

How often are we frustrated when we feel as though no one is listening? We want to talk about life and people don’t



seem to listen, they interrupt, they think they know how we feel, they give advice, but all we really want is to feel heard. We want someone not just to hear us but to really understand, to listen to us. Some of us have good friends that truly know how to clear their minds and simply listen, not thinking up a response while we are speaking. Friends who are not distracted by their phones, or others, but truly have an interest in our lives.

The best listener of our lives is God. God is always listening. God is always there, aware, alert, and ready to listen. God doesn’t interrupt, tell us what to do, or have an ulterior motive. God created us, gave us free will, and wants to be in relationship with each one of us. God listens, understands, without distractions. There are only a few problems with this answer; God doesn’t talk back and acknowledge what we have said, and we have to believe God is listening so that we start to speak to God.

Today, try it. Try talking to God. I bet you God will listen better than anyone else in your life.

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