God Alone Saves People, May 30, 2012 Daily Reflection

God Alone

God alone saves people.

Priests, ministers, teachers, spiritual leaders and writers all have a purpose in life. That purpose is to bring people closer to God through their God given vocations. We all want to save people but not one of us ever can and those who are sincere and authentically led by God know that we never will save another person. We do not have the power to save. Any words of comfort, understanding, revelation, enlightenment or the like we may impart comes to you through the Holy Spirit. It is all for the glory and honor of God that we continue on this amazing journey laid before us. We want to open your eyes, give you His words, show you His healing and witness to our faith. But only God can save you.

Never stop learning, listening, searching, seeking out God for He is with you always. Give to God your life and God alone will save you.


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