Girl Friends, November 21 Saturday Tidbit

Anna & Heather Best Friends
Anna & Heather Best Friends

BFFL: Best Friends Forever For Life as long as they get along, have the same interest and are not competing for the same boy.  As long as they play together on the playground, play the same sports and both like to swim.  Conditions for the friendship to keep the BFF status.  If any one of these conditions are not met the status could drop straight to BF and could be dropped completely to no longer in her world.  Oh the lovely reality of girl’s friendships.  So many requirements so much possibility of failure.

Luckily the two friends you see in the picture above have yet to hit that hormonal stage of friendship.  Right now they would do anything for each other.  They love to laugh together, play together and whisper secrets about boys with cooties.  God help me to love every moment of this precious, innocent, non vindictive stage of the girls friendships.  God help me also to set an example of how to care for my friends unconditionally.  Because a girls friendship that turns into a woman’s friendship can be the backbone of a woman’s life and endure peacefully forever.

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