Get Up! September 23, 2011 Daily Reflection

Sink full of dirty dishes

Get up, Get up, it’s a school day! You have 10 minutes to eat breakfast. Brush your teeth and get your shoes on. Who packed a lunch? Where is your belt? Why aren’t your shoes tied? Tuck in your shirt. “Mom, its pouring outside, do we have to walk in the rain?” Great, that’s all I need now get in the van.  Shut the door; shut the door, SHUT THE DOOR!!! Walk quickly or you will get a tardy slip. Did you close the door to the van?  “No” Get back out there and shut it! “It’s raining, do I have to?” Yes, go shut the door! Squeaking shoes down the linoleum long hall scurrying to their classrooms before that bell sounds. I pull him to the side “Look in my eyes; I love you no matter what, NO MATTER WHAT. But you have to start being more responsible!” Have a great day. Walking through the down pour to the van wet inside from the door being left open. Entered the house and this is what greets me a sink full of morning dishes but at last I can breath and no one will be late; except me because I have a meeting to get ready for in 30 minutes. Does it ever end?

That is a typical morning in many houses in the United States. We are rushing, moving, speeding, going, going, gone. When does it stop? When we wake up earlier so we are not rushed but then we have to go to bed earlier so we don’t hit that snooze button so many times. It’s an endless cycle but at some point it all slows down. They call that empty nest and retirement. I love my children and if life has to be hectic at times while they are young give it to me because I don’t want them to be old yet. Give me the craziness, tight schedules and stress but don’t let my babies grow up. I am not ready for the silence.

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