Gentle Woman, December 8, 2017 Daily Reflection


Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. It celebrates that Mary, the mother of God. conceived without sin, in preparation to carry the son of God. However, because God gives us free will Mary had the opportunity to say no to God’s request to be the mother. Often times we are given the image of Mary as gentle, quiet, and powerless. She strikes me as a humble young woman, filled with strength, grace, and the power of God. She was no push over. She questioned the angel and told Jesus to turn that water to wine. She had power and realized it came with great responsibility. She said yes to God’s will and carried our salvation within her womb. Mary should never be underestimated, and played off as simply a vessel for God. She was chosen for a reason. She was with him from the manager to the cross, she held him at his first breath and witnessed his last breath. She had the strength of heart greater than a hundred men. She may have been gentle but she was never powerless.

We should praise Mary for being a great role model. She said yes to God and went against her culture of the time. She stepped over the boundaries and did everything for the love of God. She used her power for good and loves unconditionally.


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