Flowers bowing down, July 9, 2012 Daily Reflection

Flowers bowing down

As I watered my flower garden I noticed how each flower head bowed down as it took in the cool water. They seemed to bow down and welcome the nutrients. Later in the day I noticed that the flowers were standing straight with their heads full and open to the skies. It was as though they had to become less so that they could be lifted up to become greater.

As humans we naturally do not enjoy bowing down to anything. We want to be standing tall able to handle all that life throws at us without pause. We fault those who stop in life and rest. Our culture prides itself in not stopping, hesitate in the race and you may be thought of as lazy. The secret that we all know but refuse to follow is that we have to rest, slow down and pause to be renewed.

As believers and followers of God we also know the simple yet complex truth; in order for God to build you up you must first bow down to Him. You must humble yourself to God’s guidance. If you allow yourself to pause, stand still and listen God will cool you with his nutrients. You will become less temporarily so that you can become more for Him.

Today, consider bowing down, becoming less in your life so that God can renew, refresh and revive you to become more in this life than you are right now.

Flowers a few hours after I watered them.

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