First Time Meditating, August 29, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake Meditating

Yesterday, I took my juniors to the chapel to meditate for the first time. I write guided meditations for my students. First, I help them to relax through stretching, breathing, and analyzing their emotions, thoughts, and bodies. Once they are completely relaxed I take them to a different place through descriptive, vivid imagery. They always encounter Jesus Christ somewhere along the journey. They have an opportunity to feel the embrace of Jesus Christ and to talk with him face to face. I bring them out of the meditation very slowly and then they journal the experience in silence. We talk a bit about the experience as a class as well.

This year I was astounded by how much more instruction I was able to give to aid in the relaxation and self awareness than any other year. Last year I attended a meditation program as well as multiple classes for educational meditation. These classes imparted knowledge and applicable exercises that help before meditation as well as in their everyday lives. The difference was notable in the reactions of the students. Theses students are also very interested in this method of prayer which aids in their level of engagement.

If you have never meditated before you should. Earth and Spirit has introductory classes coming up soon. Those are the classes I attended and they are well worth the cost and the time. Many of the ideas changed my behavior and attitude. It is important to reflect on our growth each year and appreciate changes.

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