First of many with parent’s support, April 24, 2017 Daily Reflection

Anna’s First Communion

While flipping through my Face Book feed I smiled at all of the First Communion pictures. This is the time of year that the sacrament is celebrated. The little white dresses, veils, and smart suits are purchased. Parties are planned, cakes are baked and celebrations are attended. All of this to celebrate the first time a child is able to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It pleases me to see these celebrations and to see how much importance is placed on such an important day.

However, what I would like to see is that same child in church each weekend so that first communion isn’t one of two each year on Christmas and Easter. The children are so excited and see how much importance is placed on such an important sacrament, all the time, money, effort, and joy. Sadly, many parents don’t support the decision to make it one of many communions. I don’t really understand why a parent brings their children to the church to receive all the sacraments if they don’t plan to support their children by making it a priority to go to Mass weekly. Over the years it seems to me that it is more of a cultural celebration. The parent wants their children to receive the sacraments so that they can one day hand that tradition down to their children. But they are missing the point. The point of any sacrament is to be in touch with God here and now and as often as possible. The point of the sacraments is to strengthen our relationship with God. As a child their must be ongoing support from the parents for this to occur. A parent cannot expect a child to understand God and have a deep faith if the parent is not setting the example.

I pray that parents every where continue to encourage and support celebrating the sacraments with their children not just once but many times every single week. Receiving God doesn’t happen once but costantly over a lifetime but it begins with the first teachers of the faith, parents.

Jake’s 1st Communion

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