Fire or Education, July 29, 2015 Daily Reflection

Books from my classes

Books from my classes

A few years ago when I was actively pursuing a ministry in motivational speaking I was rejected from the table of speakers because I did not have my “credintials”. At that time I was taking educational classes through our Archdiocese about the Catholic Church as well as spirituality. I was a certified catechesis but for one particular woman that was not enough. I was so upset because my call to the ministry of speaking to others about finding God was “invalid” in her mind and voiced. I thought if she could only hear me speak she would understand that God was calling me to do it.

I am now 2.5 years through a Master’s Degree in Theology from Loyola University of New Orleans. I have knowledge I never knew existed. I definitely know and understand more about the Catholic Church and spirituality. My education as well as my faith experience is now intertwined and it has deepened my understanding.

Yesterday I was asked, after going through this program, if I was the person selecting a speaker and there was one on fire with faith but didn’t have the education, and the other speaker was one who had the education who would I pick? I believe I would choose the one who was on fire with their faith. One can be educated and not pull people in, engage them and set their hearts on fire. I know that my education enhances my understanding of God and gives me a solid foundation to stand on. It has given me more to draw from and continues to help me grow in my faith. However, a person who is on fire with their faith and calling should not be stunted by lack of education. Knowing all that I have learned now I would say all those who are on fire with their faith should be given the opportunity to become more educated and develop even more. But the process should not be shut down because of less education.

I do believe education is always good and not one penny will ever be wasted on expanding our minds with knowledge and understanding. We should all be life long learners. There should not be a question of either Fire or Education instead it should be Fire and education.

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