Fear, June 22, 2017 Daily Reflection

He is there

Lately, I have noticed that I have listened to a few podcasts that have dealt with fear. I have also read about some saints who have taken fear head on. It is important to understand fear. One podcast I listened to from a TedTalk explained that we should have a “fear setting chart” just like a goal setting chart. The man had a very interesting concept. Instead of fearing the what ifs write every what if down on a chart. Next to it write what would happen if it came true. Then write what you would do to resolve the issue. Lastly, write what you could do to prevent the situation from occuring. Most of the time the things we fear never happen anyway.

Then I listened to Bishop Robert Barron’s latest homily about fear. He pointed out that no where in the Bible does it say that if we follow Jesus Christ we will no longer have struggles. On the contrary almost every page of the Bible has conflicts and difficulties. The difference in those who believe in Jesus Christ is that they know that they are not alone in their suffering. They are working towards staying in the a Christ-centered existence. Instead of being on the ups and downs in life they are centered with Christ who will hold them and guide them through it all.

Lastly, I read about Ignatius of Loyola a letter to Sister Teresa Rejadell, “The enemy is leading you into error…He tries to upset you and to interfere with your service of God and your peace of mind” (Egan 434) He goes on to explain that the enemy brings about obstacles, pride, and false humility, anything to keep you from your love of God. Things that will keep you in fear. When God is with you who can be against you. Many of the amazing saints died with the name of Jesus Christ or God our father on their lips. They understood that humans could take their bodies but no one but God could touch their souls.

To summarize first consider, really evaluate your fears and their consequences. Second, consider your faith in God do you believe that he is there at all times? Can you detach from those fears enough to know God’s presence? Last know that your body is temporary and realize that what will last an eternity is your soul. Take the time to know God better and allow your life to be given to him. Do not let fear take your freedom work for the good of God and he will support and comfort you through your entire life the good and the bad.


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