As a family, April 5, 2016 Daily Reflection

My family at the Big Four Bridge

My family at the Big Four Bridge

What do you do as a family? Do you have dinner together daily, weekly, or monthly? Do you go to Church together as a family? Do you vacation as a family? Do you play board games or bike together? What do you do as a family? Every family is different from the next.

Our family loves to do lots of different activities together. Saturday we went to the library, and the grocery store. After we put everything away we spent the next 2 hours sitting in silence reading our new books. We enjoy having dinner together although it is not always daily. We go to church weekly and 98% of the time we go together as a family. There is an old saying, “the family that prays together, stays together.” I completely believe this idea, not only do I pray with each one of my children every night, every time we eat dinner together we say grace. We love to bike together in the summer time. Yesterday, we went to the Big Four Bridge and walked it to the other side. We visited a few playgrounds and a candy shop. We love to explore new places together. We especially love to laugh together.

What does your family love to do together? We should emphasize the importance of family togetherness. Families are the building blocks to a balanced and peaceful society. Today, think of something good to do with your family!

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