Exhaustion, December 21, 2013 Saturday Tidbit

This can be the most exhausting time of the year. We have to plan parties, shop for tons of people, decorate our houses inside and out, bake cookies, smile often, greet family and be merry. It is exhausting. But how much more exhausted do you think Mary was than us? She carried within her womb the savior of the world. She bore the looks of contempt from those who knew her and believed she was immoral. She traveled while pregnant and had to give birth in a stable. Mary knows exhaustion of a different type. But I bet she smiled, never complained and just had faith in God. So let’s try to smile, push on, be kind and have faith in God that being merry, bringing cheer, and sharing our treasures and kindness is what God wants us to do, whether it is exhausting or not.

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